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Dedication to Customer Service

Service to our customers is our top priority. Our unique relationship with you is why we exist. We will do our very best to provide the highest quality products to you at a fair price. Our product lines are continuously expanding and we welcome your inquiries for hard-to-find ingredients.We want you to see the benefits of using high quality natural and organic ingredients, so we work hard to educate ourselves and pass the knowledge on to you. We appreciate your business and we encourage you to let us know how we can better serve you.

Purchasing Team
Before you even place your order, our purchasing team has done the best job possible to purchase high quality products and have them in stock so they are available when you order. Occasionally, we are not able to provide an item that you have ordered. This may be due to varying factors, some out of our control, but we know you and your customers deserve the highest level of customer service, so we will do our best to notify you when an item will be available for delivery.

Sales Team Your account representative will accurately enter your order and provide you with any information to help increase your business success, such as product information, new recipes, promotions, new items, etc. After the picking team assembles
your order, your account representative will adjust your invoice based on any changes, and your order is ready to be delivered.

Picking Team
After creating the pick ticket, we will pull each item from your order accurately and load it safely onto a pallet or box. The pallet or box will be wrapped and packaged securely so it will have a safe journey from our facility to yours.

Route Delivery and Shipping Team
After the items are all picked for your order, it will be loaded onto one of our delivery trucks or onto the truck of the designated carrier. Your driver will deliver your order to you safely and on time.