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Family-Owned Ingredients Company Helps “Save the Bee” With Sustainable Practices

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eugene, Ore. – GloryBee, a family-owned natural foods company, expanded its sustainability efforts in 2012 by launching its “Save the Bee” initiative, a program dedicated to increasing bee research and education to combat Colony Collapse Disorder.

Honey bee pollination is directly linked to the success of our food supply, as they pollinate one in every four bites we consume, and with dwindling populations our food supplies will suffer. In efforts to improve the conditions of the honey bee, GloryBee sourced more local, organic and fair-trade products which translated to 12,120,320 pounds of organic products sold in 2012.

GloryBee’s 2012 Sustainability Report, released earlier this week, details the company’s progress in 11 declared areas of focus for the year, including: distribution, energy, climate change, water, waste, packaging, labor, and governance.

“For as long as we can remember, we have worked hard to produce, source and provide natural foods and products, to conserve natural resources and share our bounty with others. So when our parents started this business in 1975, it came naturally to all of us to conserve precious resources and give back to our community, customers and planet,” from Alan Turanski, GloryBee Vice President.

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