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GloryBee Foods offers Raw Buckwheat Honey

Friday, January 7, 2011

1.7.2011 Eugene, OR—GloryBee Foods announced today that 18 oz jars of raw buckwheat honey are now available. GloryBee Foods is introducing this honey as a complement to other premium raw honeys offered, including Raw Organic Fair Trade Honey, Raw Organic Clover Honey, Raw Pacific Northwest Blackberry Honey and Raw Pacific Northwest Blueberry Honey. Raw Honey—honey processed at temperatures lower than 115° F—has been prized for its healing and rejuvenating qualities for thousands of years. Processing honey at low temperatures and straining instead of filtering preserves the pollen and royal jelly present in raw honey, and also preserves the naturally occurring enzymes. These features of raw honey are prized by health-conscious consumers. Research provided by the National Honey Board shows that honey contains a variety of phytochemicals, as well as other substances such as organic acids and enzymes. These substances may be a source of dietary antioxidants, and buckwheat honey has been shown to contain more of these substances than honey that is lighter in color. GloryBee previously offered conventionally processed Buckwheat honey and made changes to the processing in order to offer a raw product. Buckwheat honey is produced by bees visiting the flowers of the buckwheat plant, which—despite its name—is not actually wheat. According to Julie Willoughby, honey specialist at GloryBee Foods, “raw buckwheat honey fits well into a health-conscious diet”. In a 2007 Penn State University study funded by the National Honey Board, researchers found that a dose of buckwheat honey at bedtime was more effective in relieving children’s coughs and related sleep difficulty than dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant used in children’s cold medicines. More information about this study can be found on the Penn State Live website at The Raw Buckwheat honey is currently available both direct from GloryBee Foods and at natural food retailers throughout the Western United States , and through UNFI and Nature’s Best distributors.

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Raw Buckwheat Honey