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Ordering and Sales Policies

Orders can be placed by calling, faxing, emailing, or on the internet. We will ship your order via your standard shipping method unless alternate arrangements are made. Route deliveries have scheduled deadlines and orders placed after the deadline cannot be guaranteed for delivery on our trucks. Please contact your account representative with any questions about ordering, order deadlines, or minimums.

Shipping Options
We deliver orders using our own fleet of biodiesel-fueled trucks whenever possible. In areas where route delivery is not available or for orders that do not meet our minimum route delivery requirements, we offer common carrier (freight), UPS, and USPS Parcel Post. If you require an order via any of the above listed, please discuss the best option with your account representative.

In order to serve your account with the utmost efficiency, GloryBee Foods, Inc. has set in place the following Return and Credit Policy and Procedures.

Payment is required within payment terms, and failure to meet established terms will result in a finance charge of 1.5%. Past due accounts are subject to NO-SHIP status. C.O.D. accounts will not be delivered without a pre-payment or a payment for the driver. C.O.D. orders without payment for driver will incur a $100 transportation fee and a 15% restocking fee. Payment must be received before product is reshipped. There will be a $35.00 charge for any returned check. GBF reserves the right to change account payment status at any time.

Return and Refund Policies

Return Policy:
• Returns must be requested within 10 business days of receipt.
• 15% restock fee will be applied.
• Damaged or missing product must be communicated to a Customer Service Representative within 48 hours of receipt.
NO return authorizations, credits, or exchanges will be issued for any food products that have been opened, defaced, or relabeled.
NO return authorizations, credits, or exchanges will be issued for any bee medications, fresh frozen royal jelly, beeswax foundation, skin care products, cosmetics, books or international orders.
• All Returns to our Factory Store require original receipt.
• Contact a Customer Service Representative or go to for further detail.
• Return freight paid by customer.

Refund Policy:
• Upon return product will be inspected by a quality assurance team member. If it is determined product has been opened, defaced, or relabeled GloryBee reserves all rights to dispose of product and withhold refund.
• If product is found to meet our return policy, a refund will be applied to your account, less a 15% restock fee.
• All deductions from invoice require prior approval.

Damaged or Missing Product Procedures

Delivered on GloryBee Truck:
If any items shipped via a GloryBee delivery truck should be damaged due to unloading or transporting, the driver has the authorization to return the damaged product to the warehouse. If any product is found to be missing, the driver has authorization to write a credit. If a GloryBee driver is not present, you have 48 hours from receipt to communicate damages and missing items to your customer service representative for credit and/or return. Communication after this designated period will not warrant credit and/or return.

Delivered on Common Carrier: Any damaged or shorted items delivered via a third party common carrier must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and signed by the carrier's driver in order to file a claim with the carrier. Any additional documentation, including pictures, should be sent to a Customer Service Representative within 48 hours of delivery. In cases where GloryBee arranges freight, and is billed by the carrier, GloryBee will file claims for damages on your behalf if damages are noted on the BOL. In cases where you arranged freight, and are billed directly, you are required by the carrier to file claims with them directly.

Quality Claims

To maintain the highest quality and avoid possible infestation, always store product in closed container and follow storage suggestions on the product specification sheet. If the complaint is due to natural crop variance, we will not accept the return because it’s not a quality issue and cannot be controlled.

Claims Procedure:
• Prior to sending any questionable product back, contact a Customer Service Representative for instructions.
• Customer Service will file a claim with Quality Assurance on your behalf.
• Quality Assurance will review your claim and we will follow up within 5 business days.
• Quality Assurance may require a sample or picture of the product if a comparable lot is not available for review.
• Return and/or credit are subject to approval by our Quality Assurance.
• If the claim is approved, we will follow up with the credit and/or return instructions. The product must be returned in its original packaging and cannot be defaced or relabeled in any way.

Infestation/Foreign Material:
• Contact a Customer Service Representative for instructions on how to proceed.
• We may ask for the foreign matter or debris by sending a picture and a physical sample.
• GloryBee does not take infested product back.
• Claims must be made within 10 business days of receipt.
• Please do not destroy any product until your request is approved. This could result in forfeiture of credit.


GloryBee has full traceability and reporting on every lot shipped and received. We complete biannual mock recalls in preparation for an actual recall. If product you’ve received is affected by a FDA recall, GloryBee will be in contact with you.