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Sustainability at GloryBee

At GloryBee Foods, we are always working to improve our sustainability efforts. We strive to abide by the three "P"s of sustainability: People, Planet, and Profits.

People: We strive to treat people well. We value our employees, people within the community, and people worldwide who produce the products we sell.

Planet: We work to reduce our impact on the Earth by using Earth-friendly practices whenever possible and practical.

Profits: We endeavor to make financially sound, responsible decisons with our profits to ensure the continuation of our sustainable practices overall.

As we grow and learn about how to do things better our list of sustainable actions may change, however the core characteristics that drive these changes and actions will not.

  • Energy – is offset 100% with Bonneville Environmental Foundation Green-e Power. We use long-life fluorescent lighting in our main facility to reduce power consumption.
  • We take responsibility for our water use by purchasing water restoration credits through Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
  • Reuse of Materials – 30% of drums and 99% of totes are reused internally.
  • Resale for Reuse Program – we find creative opportunities to sell products we can’t use to others that can. We sell damaged totes and drums for use as storage, used plastic buckets, and spilled food that can be used as animal feed.
  • Recycling Program – we monitor our recycling.
  • Double Sided Printers – all of our office printers are set to double-sided printing as default to reduce paper consumption.
  • Drinking Water – we have installed a filtered water system to replace many of our bottled water coolers to reduce water transport costs and bottle waste.
  • Sustainability Committee – our Earth Works team distributes a monthly newsletter to educate people about sustainable opportunities and actions, and works to develop new sustainable processes for our company.
  • Green House Gas Inventory – we are in the process of establishing our Green House Gas inventory so we can establish new action items to reduce our GHG’s.
  • Composting Program – we implemented a company-wide lunchroom and restroom composting program.


Recent Projects

Track our Solar Stats

We've gone Solar and installed a two solar arrays that generate a total of 45.41 kWp at our production facility. You can view in real time how much energy we're generating along with the reduction in our carbon footprint. To see more detailed stats, click here for our first solar array or click here for the second array. 

GloryBee Sustainability Report


In October 2013 we completed our sustainability report for 2012 in partnership with The Good Company. The report outlines our steps towards sustainability and our plans for the future. The public version of the report is available for download below in PDF format.

GloryBee Foods 2012 Sustainability Report

GloryBee Fair Trade Honey

In May of 2010, GloryBee Foods' founder and president, Dick Turanski, and his son Alan Turanski, Vice President, travelled to Brazil to find a source of fair trade honey to import to the United States. The trip was an important journey on many levels. A documentary film of the trip was produced and released in August of 2010.

Short Version (4 min.)

Full Length Version (10 min.)