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Fair Trade Honey from Maya Vinic

GloryBee founder Dick Turanski with Maya Vinic members
GloryBee founder Dick Turanski with Maya Vinic cooperative members

We at GloryBee Foods are happy to announce the availability of a new Fair Trade certified bulk honey from the Maya Vinic cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico.

The roots of the Maya Vinic cooperative can be traced back to July 30, 1999, when a group of coffee-farming families met to determine how they could obtain fair prices for the crops they were growing with care and diligence. Previously, a disproportionally large percentage of the profits from the growers' hard work had gone into the pockets of middlemen who paid the growers a very low price, which in turn took a heavy economic toll on the coffee farming communities.

That very day, the cooperative was formed and "Maya Vinic" (meaning "The Tsotsil Mayan Man") was chosen as a name. The cooperative strives to follow the example of their Tsotsil ancestors by operating with a respect of local culture, language, reverence for the earth and traditional forms of self-government.

Over the years, the cooperative has striven to diversify its production in order to ensure greater economic stability, adding corn, beans, fruit, vegetables and other crops. When the cooperative decided to begin producing honey, they were hopeful that they would be able to find partners who understood the value of Fair Trade honey. We are happy to have the opportunity to be one of those partners and to bring you this delectable Fair Trade honey.

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Young community members
A few of the youngest Maya Vinic community members

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