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Route Delivery Information

Routes, Minimums, Deadlines, Schedules

Requirements for Delivery

1. Credit approval is required prior to setting up an account, even if C.O.D. This requires completing a GloryBee Foods credit application.

2. If your delivery location is outside our established route area, special delivery arrangements need to be discussed prior to opening a GloryBee Foods account.

3. Delivery location must be on a paved road with weight limits that can accommodate a 4-axle truck and trailer. No dead end, turnaround type streets or stops deemed unsafe.

4. Be aware that in certain locations, GloryBee may need to make late evening or early morning deliveries. This will be determined when the account is set up.

5. All LTL (Less-Than-Truckload Freight) orders placed after 12:00 p.m. will ship the following business day. Orders placed before 12:00 p.m. may ship the same day. For orders outside the Pacific Northwest, please allow an extra day. If you have specific document requirements, additional lead time may be required.


Minimum Delivery Terms:

GloryBee Foods philosophy is to provide outstanding service and to be efficient with our deliveries. We believe that we better serve our customers by avoiding a fuel surcharge. We prefer to work with you to reach our FREE delivery minimum based on your territory. To avoid fuel surcharges, we will only charge a delivery fee on orders below our free minimum requirements.

• For free delivery, customer must meet the minimum order amount.

• Orders between 85% and minimum delivery amount will be charged a delivery fee - 10% of the minimum order amount.

• Orders between 70% - 85% of minimum delivery will be charged a delivery fee - 15% of the minimum order amount.

• GloryBee will not deliver below 70% of the minimum delivery amount on our truck.

• Orders less than 70% of minimum will be shipped via common carrier or UPS at customer’s expense.

• Customer is responsible for calculating orders to meet minimums.