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Sales Team

GloryBee Foods Sales Department is structured to serve the individual needs of our many different customers. Our Distribution team serves a variety of customers such as markets and bakeries where orders are delivered by our own fleet of trucks. The Industrial team manages customers who are manufacturers and distributors, with orders delivering on our trucks as well as LTL for customers outside our route territories. Our Natural Products team assists customers across the United States, with a product focus of natural craft supplies, bee supplies, candle & soap making, supplements and aromatherapy. Orders are shipped primarily by UPS. We assign an account representative to you from one of these teams who are knowledgeable about the type of products you purchase and will assist you with ordering and shipment processes that work best for you.

Sales Team 2013

Administration Team

Director of Sales and Marketing

Don Lindsey

Ext. 142

don [dot] lindsey [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Bulk Channel Chain Account and Promotions Coordinator

Tracy Fiechtner

Ext. 183

Tracy [dot] Fiechtner [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Product Manager

Shannon Miller

Ext. 104

Shannon [dot] Miller [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Sales & Customer Service Manager

Betsy Kimball

Ext. 226

Betsy [dot] Kimball [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Department Administrative
Coordinator/National Retail
Grocery Asst.

Travis Lance

Ext. 225

Travis [dot] Lance [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Natural Products Sales Supervisor

Julie Crooks

Ext. 146

Julie [dot] Crooks [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Industrial Sales Lead & Account Representative

Kristen Werner

Ext. 180

Kristen [dot] Werner [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Distribution Sales Lead & Account Representative

Whitney Whelan

Ext. 123

Whitney [dot] Whelan [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Distribution Sales Team

Washington Territory

WA Outside Sales Territory Manager

Tyler Green

Ext. 412

Tyler [dot] Green [at] GloryBee [dot] com

WA Inside Account Representative-Northeast

Elizabeth Tate

Ext. 169

Elizabeth [dot] Tate [at] GloryBee [dot] com

WA Outside Sales Representative-Southwest/Alaska

Peggy Wright

Ext. 196

Peggy [dot] Wright [at] GloryBee [dot] com

WA Inside Account Representative-Southwest/Alaska

Rita  Ochoa

Ext. 163

Rita [dot] Ochoa [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Washington Outside Sales Representative

Chandler Symons

Ext. 141

Chandler [dot] Symons [at] GloryBee [dot] com

WA Customer Service Representative

Tara Lane

Ext. 238

Tara [dot] Lane [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Oregon Territory

OR Outside Sales Territory Manager

Darrin West

Ext. 125

Darrin [dot] West [at] GloryBee [dot] com

OR Inside Account Representative

North Portland/North Eugene

Gary Lovaas

Ext. 227

Gary [dot] Lovaas [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Customer Service Representative

Cari Stubbs


Cari [dot] Stubbs [at] GloryBee [dot] com

OR Outside Sales Representative-South Portland/Mid Valley

Andrew Krane

Ext. 188

Andrew [dot] Krane [at] GloryBee [dot] com

OR Distribution Sales Jr. Account Representative

Nick Kenney

Ext. 251

Nick [dot] Kenney [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Oregon Dsitribution Sales Customer Service Representative

Tia Stice

Ext. 175

Tia [dot] Stice [at] GloryBee [dot] com


OR Outside Sales Representative-Southern-OR /Central-OR /Coast/South Eugene

Marc Koenig

Ext. 118

Marc [dot] Koenig [at] GloryBee [dot] com

OR Inside Account Representative

South Portland/Mid Valley

Katie Schulz

Ext. 221

Katie [dot] Schulz [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Distribution Sales Fax


(541) 689-2007

Industrial Sales Team

Industrial Inside Account Representative

Angela Miller

Ext. 204

Angela [dot] Miller [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Industrial Inside Account Representative

Ronda Davis

Ext. 219

Ronda [dot] Davis [at] GloryBeeFoods [dot] com

Industrial Inside Account Representative

Kaaren O’Neil

Ext. 206

Kaaren [dot] Oneil [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Jr. Industrial Account Representative

Abigail Gamez

Ext. 249

Abigial [dot] Gamez [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Industrial Sales Fax


(541) 607-2117

Natural Products Sales Team

Hive Products & HoneyStix

Account Representative

Carrie Gillies

Ext. 209

Carrie [dot] Gillies [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Beekeeping & Natural Crafts Account Representative

Michael France

Ext. 242

Michael [dot] France [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Customer Service Representative

Cara Crymes

Ext. 259

Cari [dot] Stubbs [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Customer Service Representative

Sharon Bleichner

Ext. 228

Sahron [dot] Bleichner [at] GloryBee [dot] com

Natural Product Sales Fax


(541) 762-7173