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Social Initiatives

Social initiatives HeaderGloryBee Honey and Aunt Patty’s Social Initiatives

Over the past 35 years, GloryBee Foods has actively supported many community initiatives. GloryBee Honey and Aunt Patty’s brands donate 1% of annual retail sales revenue to “Save the Bee” initiatives and “Healthy Living” causes.

Save The Bee

Save the BeeFounder and CEO Richard Turanski began GloryBee® Honey as a beekeeper due to his love of bees. The concern of declining bee population has GloryBee® moving forward in efforts to support “Saving the Bee.” GloryBee® Honey wants to be a part of this mission as bees not only provide us with delicious honey and many additional products from the hive, they also pollinate more than one-third of our food crops. Colony Collapse Disorder, insect diseases, Genetically Modified Organisms and other issues affecting bee health, add to the decline of bee populations. As part of our mission to support ongoing education about this important issue, GloryBee works closely with the Lane County Beekeepers Association to facilitate education about the care of bees. Learn how you can help support bees at

Here are some informative websites and articles related to this cause:

GloryBee donates $10,000 to Oregon State Bee Lab

Insecticide used with GM corn highly toxic to bees

Healthy Living

Healthy LivingAunt Patty’s® was founded on Pat Turanski’s (co-founder of GloryBee®Foods) belief in feeding her family healthy meals using alternatives to refined sugar. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years (according to the CDC) and research has shown sugar is linked to obesity and other health problems. We feel strongly that childhood obesity is one condition we can positively change with healthy living. Therefore, Aunt Patty’s® is committed and inspired to support Healthy Living initiatives by donating 1% of sales revenue to coalitions who work to increase awareness, educate the public about causes and effects of childhood obesity and promote an active lifestyle. Please visit and support the following organizations:

Food Corps Logolchay logoSchool Garden Project Lane County Logo

Here are a few news items highlighting GloryBee's involvement in the local effort to provide healthy food to those in need, save the bee, and educate our community about healthy living.

GloryBee adds spice to local food bank's soup

GloryBee Donates to School Garden Project of Lane County

GloryBee Supports OSU BeeLab in fighting Colony Collapse